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The Perinatal Institute collects standardised maternity information on all pregnancies in the West Midlands since April 2009. The dataset was developed, refined and agreed following wide consultation (the current version is available at here). The information is extracted from the Pregnancy Notes (see here) and entered on the regional, NHSnet based Perinatal Episode Electronic Record (PEER) by trained data clerks in the respective provider units.

PEER provides access to nominated individuals at Trusts and PCTs to access their own data for basic statistics. In addition, the Institute has a data request service and also issues standard quarterly reports on the data collection and the regionally agreed 'key performance indicators' (see here). It has started to produce themed reports, the first being on maternal age.

  From Q3 2010/11, maternity data reports are available in PEER View format
2010-11 Perinatal KPI Report  

Q2 2010-11 Report
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2010-11 Q1 Perinatal KPI Report  

Q1 2010-11 Report
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IfH2c WM Q4 Report  

2009-2010 Annual Report
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WM Maternal Age Report 2010  

Maternal Age Report
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Perinatal Reports 2009   For 2009 Perinatal Reports, Click here




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