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Diabetes in Pregnancy Report: addressing the challenge in the West Midlands

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This report was published May 2010 and was widely circulated within the West Midlands to each Maternity Unit as well as to Clinicians, Directors of Public Health and PCT Commissioning, Medical Directors and other interested parties.

This report represents the product of four years of work based on the West Midlands cohort study and confidential enquiry into diabetes in pregnancy. The regional focus, alongside the national CEMACH enquiry, arose from the need to address particular challenges, such as our high rates of type 2 diabetes, inequality and social deprivation. In this comprehensive report, the results from the WM cohort and the confidential case reviews are set out in detail together with additional analyses, and recommendations are made on the actions needed.

One strong message is the need to extend good care to pre-pregnancy, and hence into the community, to engage public health and primary care in prevention and in equitable provision of the best possible service for expectant mothers with diabetes.

The publication of this report is an important milestone towards using local evidence and expertise to inform commissioning and health service planning. This report has influenced DiPAG (Diabetes in Pregnancy Advisory Group) to co-ordinate regional evidence based projects to improve standards and care.

We would like to express our appreciation to the women who participated in the study as well as all the healthcare professionals involved in producing the report.


Neil Shah

  Clinical Lead, Diabetes in Pregnancy Project, Perinatal Institute;
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist - Heartlands Hospital (to 2009)
Pat Brydon   Diabetes Project Midwife, Perinatal Institute
Jason Gardosi
  Director, Perinatal Institute; Chair DiPAG


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