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Diabetes in Pregnancy - 
West Midlands Protocol of Clinical Practice

"Guidelines for the Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy"

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These guidelines are available at this stage for consultation. Click here.

The West Midlands Regional Guidelines for the Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy have been developed by members of DiPAG in response to findings from the Confidential Enquiry.

During the enquiry process it was evident that there was great diversity across the region with regards to protocols/guidelines and the management of diabetic/maternity care during the antenatal, labour and postnatal period. Standardisation of care was felt to be an important issue in order to improve outcomes.

This clinical practice document provides detailed management plans and background information for health professionals to use when looking after women with diabetes at any stage during and following pregnancy.

Click here to visit the Regional Guidelines micro-site (Flash Required). A hard copy and CD ROM was given to a representative for each unit at the recent Diabetes in Pregnancy Launch Event for consultation with a request for feedback prior to them being updated for the final edition

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