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PEER Digital



The Perinatal Institute has applied digital pen technology to the Pregnancy Notes to enable quick and efficient capture of data from the community setting which can be transferred into a maternity information system with minimal intervention.

We have recently concluded successful field trials in 6 units. The digital pens were easily integrated into everyday practice and were much liked by the midwives using them. Click here for the results of the field trial.

The technology will enable community midwives to record booking information once. The data can then transferred directly to the information system using either a mobile phone or a docking station. Data transfer is encrypted and secure. After transfer, the midwife is able to validate the data, thus ensuring correct information recorded.


  • real-time data captured within the community setting, reducing the need for double entry;
  • immediately available, high quality information on community care provision
  • easy to use package, requiring minimal training.

The Perinatal Institute have developed a QIPP in relation to PEER data collection and digipens which demonstrates significant cost benefits and opportunity costs


If you would like more information about using PEER Digital within your maternity system please contact the team


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