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The Maternity and Graphnet Information & Connectivity (MaGIC) System is a web based solution available from Spring 2011. Its development is in response to the need for a system which can help midwives and doctors with the provision of high quality care. To build MaGIC, we have used our wide experience in data systems and stakeholder requirements in the NHS, and have teamed up with Graphnet to ensure optimal connectivity.
The system offers:

  • A complete record of maternity care from first assessment (booking) to postnatal discharge
  • Data capture consistent with the national maternity dataset, CNST, PbR/activity and clinical dashboards
  • Fully compliant with latest Information Governance
  • Standardised system yet user friendly and easily configurable
  • Inbuilt data validation, risk alerts and comprehensive audit trail of activity
  • NN4B and printing labels and wristbands
  • Integrated customised growth charts (GROW)
  • Automated reporting (PEER View and clinical dashboard)
  • Patient accessibility to engage with care
  • Fully compliant with digital pen technology

Support Package options

  • 24 hour helpdesk
  • On-line training
  • Comprehensive training for local leads
  • External data quality audits


The PEER MaGIC flyer can be viewed here.For further information or a demonstration, please contact the PEER team at on 0121 687 3434 or email


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